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The nuns of Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey, along with visitors who have joined them for Mass, celebrate Palm Sunday with an outdoor procession.

Living simply, centered on prayer

🕔13. Jul 2020

The nuns of Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey follow an ancient, communal tradition of prayer, contemplation, and work, which lifts their hearts to God each moment of the day.

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Sister Colleen Gibson, S.S.J.

Sisterhood is different from singlehood

🕔23. Jul 2015

Being a committed single person is a calling of its own, but one that differs from being a Catholic sister who takes vows and lives in community. Here’s why I chose sisterhood.

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Meeting a real nun was a game-changer: Profile of Sister Liz McGill, I.H.M.

🕔09. Jul 2020

Sometimes a chance meeting makes a lifelong difference. As a college student Sister Liz McGill, I.H.M. heard a sister give a talk. “I really could not believe she was a nun,” she told The Wood Word. McGill’s notion of who nuns are got blown up at that talk, leading her to take more seriously some inner nudges she had already experienced. Today, after earning her doctorate and serving as an assistant professor of family medicine, McGill has stepped back from teaching and coaching women’s soccer to immerse herself in becoming an I.H.M. sister.

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