Take Five for Faith

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    The holiness code, embodied

    The life of Saint Rita (1386-1457) reads like a soap opera. She wanted to be a nun, but she was married against her will at the age of 12 to a cruel and unfaithful husband until his violent death 18 years later. Her two sons took after him. As a widow she was rejected three times trying to enter an Augustinian convent. She persisted and was finally accepted. It is fitting that she is the patroness of desperate situations. In spite of and because of life’s difficulties, we can all achieve some level of holiness. What has happened to you lately that can bring you closer to God?

    Today's readings: 

    Acts 16:11-15; John 15:26—16:4a (291).

    “When the Advocate comes, the Spirit of truth, he will testify on my behalf.”

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