A providential Google search: Profile of Sister Christina Cńe Chavez, C.D.P.

God’s call can be slow and quiet; and it can be strong and sudden. After some subtle clues that a religious community might be the place for her, Sister Christina Cńe Chavez, C.D.P. was at her grandmother’s funeral when she felt a strong message to devote herself to Christ. Soon after, she picked up her phone and Googled “How do you become a nun?” and the VISION Vocation Match website popped up. That began an earnest journey that eventually brought her to the door of the Congregation of Divine Providence in her home state of Texas.

Sister Christina C?e Chavez, C.D.P.

(JC Photography)

Growing up, what was your dream for your life?

Religious life never even crossed my mind! As a top student at my high school who loved science, the only thing I wanted to do was become a doctor to help people. So I went into college as a pre-med biology major with a chemistry minor.

What has been your most exciting experience as a sister?

Right now my excitement comes when I am able to have a real one-on-one moment with someone who doesn’t understand why people choose to be Christians. Those conversations keep me excited to learn more about my own faith.

What is the best part of living in community?

There is a never-ending source of wisdom that I am privileged to tap into. Also it has really boosted my confidence to live among women with the same missionary spirit that I’ve felt but didn’t know yet what to do with.

Do you have a favorite saint?

I have loved Saint Francis of Assisi ever since I was a little girl and heard about his radical conversion. I love Saint Teresa of Avila, too. She is a powerful woman.

Tell us something surprising about yourself.

I’m striving to become a polyglot. I am currently bilingual in English and Spanish and am working on French and Mandarin Chinese. Plus I hope to pick up my lessons in German again. But the list of languages I want to learn doesn’t stop there!

Any advice for those considering religious life?

I want people to know this is really a choice to say yes to a call. The convent isn’t somewhere to go if you can’t find a boyfriend or can’t find a job. I thought I had my life planned out, and I had two long-term boyfriends in the past. Yet nothing else felt as important as serving God in this way.




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