Saying “yes” to the Lord every moment: Profile of Sister Maria Kim-Ngân Bùi, F.S.P.

The daughter of Vietnamese refugees, Sister Maria Kim-Ngân Bùi, F.S.P. grew up in Tempe, Arizona with plans for a career, children, and plenty of family nearby. “I dreamed of my siblings and cousins purchasing homes in a cul-de-sac so all the children could play in the center.” She met a Daughter of St. Paul through her parish, and as her faith grew, so did her call to religious life. Many people, she says, “have continued to inspire and enflame my love for the Lord.”

Sister Maria Kim-Ngân Bùi, F.S.P.

What is your current ministry?

Here in San Antonio, Texas, I am a member of our traveling bilingual evangelization team, and I’m the local vocation directress. We organize parish missions, retreats, workshops, parish book displays, and Catholic book fairs. I also sing in our recording and performing choir.

Your favorite way to pray?

I love contemplative prayer in the presence of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Most fun you’ve had with your community?

Put a few Daughters of St. Paul in a room and in very little time laughter will emerge. I enjoy spending time with the sisters, hearing stories and playing games. Although I am not normally the sister who causes roaring laughter, I really enjoy our sisters who share this gift.

Any nicknames?

Both my brothers tower over me, so people used to call me “Little Bui.” Now “Kimmie” is more common.

Any words of wisdom for those considering religious life?

I love to encourage those considering religious life to say “yes” to the Lord moment by moment. This will lead to the greatest and most profound joy. We follow the Lord step by step. Jesus is always there to guide and bless us with his infinite mercy.

Favorite aspects of ministry?

My favorite part of ministry is meeting all the people the Lord puts on our path. It is always a deep moment of delight to be able to hear and learn how God is working in people’s lives. I also love learning and collaborating with people.

Editor's note: In 2023 Sister Maria Kim-Ngân Bùi discerned to leave the Daughters of St. Paul.




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