Meeting a real nun was a game-changer: Profile of Sister Liz McGill, I.H.M.

Sometimes a chance meeting makes a lifelong difference. As a college student Sister Liz McGill, I.H.M. heard a sister give a talk. “I really could not believe she was a nun,” she told The Wood Word. McGill’s notion of who nuns are got blown up at that talk, leading her to take more seriously some inner nudges she had already experienced. Today, after earning her doctorate and serving as an assistant professor of family medicine, McGill has stepped back from teaching and coaching women’s soccer to immerse herself in becoming an I.H.M. sister.

Sister Liz McGill, I.H.M.

(Photo courtesy of Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.)

Best ministry experience to date?

One of my favorite experiences has been in the aquatic therapy pool at Saint Joseph’s Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The pool is heated to body temperature, and many of the residents with physical and intellectual challenges have the opportunity to spend time stretching and moving in the water. Each week l assist a Saint Joe’s resident in the pool.

Who is your favorite saint?

Over the past year my interest in Saint Joseph has grown. Currently, he is my favorite saint.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I will almost never pass up chocolate peanut butter frozen yogurt.

Tell us about a significant service experience you’ve had.

For a month I assisted our sisters in Peru, providing athletic activities for children. Besides the obvious joys of being surrounded by adorable children each week, my experience resonates much deeper. The sisters are beautiful witnesses to living in a supportive, life-giving, and loving community.

What gives you hope about religious life?

Religious life is ever evolving and bursting at the seams with life. I am excited to be part of the present and am hopeful for the future.




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