A heart yearning to help: profile of Sister Guerline Joseph, F.M.A.

Sister Guerline Joseph grew up in a devout family of Haitian immigrants. She dreamt of being a flight attendant or maybe a professional athlete, but at the same time Feed the Children TV commercials made her heart yearn to help others. She donated enough to regularly hang photos of “her kids” on the family refrigerator. Then one day she met the Salesian Sisters through their youth ministry and her journey into religious life began.

What drew you to religious life?
Prayer. I grew up in a very hope-filled, charismatic, and devotional environment. I had a good prayer life, and I was eager to increase it. As it grew, it drew me toward religious life.

Your favorite way to pray?
I pray very well late at night with minimum light, on the floor, and occasionally with music playing in the background.

Best part of living in community?
Being here for each other. Living in community has taught me the truth that when you think you are giving a lot you are actually receiving even more.

What gives you hope about religious life?
The desire of the young people in my generation to fall in love with Christ and the church through service, Eucharistic adoration, and work.

People would be surprised to learn . . .
In my life “B.C.” (before convent) I enjoyed being in beauty pageants. I had the honor of being crowned Miss Citronnelle 2004 [a Haitian beauty pageant].




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