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2020 VISION Ad RatesDownload VISION 2020 rate card.

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Reader response service:

Requests from potential candidates for more information about your community will be immediately forwarded to you by email for one year from publication. Each request includes a detailed reader profile if the query has come through Vocation Match. Queries coming through Community Search minimally contain name, city, email address. Advertisers may request that reader responses be emailed to additional community contacts at no extra charge.

Free directory listings—print & online:
As a display advertiser you will receive a FREE, 150-word descriptive listing in Vision’s Men’s or Women’s directory in print and online. We can translate your listing for a $25 fee. Listings exceeding 150 words cost $2 per additional six characters. Additional Directory Listings (for full-page advertisers) are $100 each. Listings for advertisers (print or web) who do not have a print display ad are $750. Streaming video you provide is posted for FREE alongside your listing (run time not to exceed 1:45 minutes).

Website features:

  • VOCATION MATCH: As an advertiser you complete a questionnaire about your community and candidate requirements. Discerners who participate in our online Vocation Match discernment process are then matched with the communities who match their criteria and preferences.
  • COMMUNITY SEARCH: Your online community Directory Listing, posted in English and/or Spanish and French, is fully searchable and linked to your website.
  • EVENTS CALENDAR/MINISTRY & SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES: You may post upcoming events throughout the year for free. The Vocation Match service includes links to these opportunities.
  • MULTILINGUAL ARTICLES: The VISION website features articles in English, Spanish, and French.
  • DIGITALVOCATIONGUIDE.ORG: A state-of-the-art digital version of the printed guide with a downloadable app for smart phones.

Circulation & distribution
PRINT/DIGITAL editions: More than 85,000 issues of Vision 2020 will be distributed beginning in August 2019.
WEB: VISION VOCATION NETWORK averages 360,000 separate interactive visits per year.
Additiional exposure through social sites and VISION sponsored searches.

Advertising statistics & reports
VISION VOCATION NETWORK makes it easy to keep tabs on how your ad is doing. Log in to the Advertiser Updater for 24-hour access to your reader response statistics. You will also be emailed monthly cumulative reports indicating the number of reader responses you’ve received, the number of viewings of your directory listings and/or web ads, and the number of click-throughs to your website.

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