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ADVERTISING is a powerful tool in communicating your community's message. Take time to plan and budget for effective ads and a comprehensive multimedia promotion campaign.

AD FACTS: Large makes more of an impact than small; more frequent makes more of an impression than less frequent. Multimedia campaign (print, web, audio, visual) with a consistent message is most effective.

An ad sends an overall message about your community. If your ad looks focused, well-designed, and inviting, your community will project a positive image.
Choose one theme that is central to your community, and select words and images that reflect that theme. Don't try to capture everything.

It is essential to know your audience. Who are you trying to reach? Keep in mind that religious and laypeople often use a different vocabulary. Avoid jargon.

It is worth the investment to have your ad professionally designed. A good graphic designer will pay special attention to the quality of the photos and art you choose and help you streamline the content and design of your ad to maximize its effectiveness.

Make sure your VISION online directory listing is accurate, up-to-date, and engaging.

  • If you create an ad yourself, make sure that it is truly ready to be reproduced with no adjustments or changes. For best results, create a high-resolution pdf of your ad and email it (
  • Your ad must have the exact dimensions of a publication's specifications. Even ads that are only slightly off-size require reworking.


  • Our discerner surveys consistently show that a community's website is essential in their information gathering. Regularly review the overall look and content of your site and make sure it is targeted to the audience you want to reach, easy to navigate, and most important, states clearly how a discerner can contact you.
  • Have systems in place to capture the names and email addresses of visitors to your site. Invite visitors to sign in or offer other incentives to visitors to request information about your community.
  • Have a social network presence (e.g., YouTube; Instagram; and/or Facebook.

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