Tips for Vocation Discerners

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Tips on creating your Vocation Match Profile:

1. Feel free to skip questions:

When you first open the Vocation Match program, the number of questions may seem overwhelming. But in fact there are only a few questions (such as your gender) that require an answer before you can move on. So if you come across questions you would rather not answer or need more time to think about, you can skip those questions without a problem. You can come back to them later or you can finish up the Match and send your profile to communities with the responses that you are comfortable giving.

2. Jump to your results and/or contact one of your Matches whenever you want.

3. The dotted “Progress Bar” above the questions keeps track of what questions you've answered.

A blank dot indicates a question that has yet been answered. You can click on a dot to go back to an earlier unanswered question and answer it or to change an earlier answer.

4. Refer to the Match Gauge.

The “Match Gauge” box keeps a running tally that indicates how many communities you match with and the “quality of the fit.” The more questions you answer the more accurately your quality of fit—your compatibility with a given community--can be measured.

5. Use the “Importance Slider."

Found under many questions, the Importance Slider indicates the relative priority a particular question has for you in your vocation search. It helps us weigh your answers so you are more likely to match with communities that share your values and interests.

6. The “Importance Slider” changes the number of matches.

Place higher importance on more questions, and you will end up matching with fewer communities (because you are being more selective) but perhaps find a better fit. Lower importance on more questions will likely match you with more communities.

7. You can see your matches as you progress through the Vocation Match program.

Listed below the questions, you will see a running list of communities. You can click on “full description” to learn more about a community –-and if you wish, you can visit their website and contact them directly. Just tell them you heard about them through Vision Vocation Match!

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