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June 2024 Our turn on the Damascus road

May 2024 It's up to you

April 2024 In the valley of decision

March 2024 What the sword reveals

February 2024 Choose your God

January 2024 Choose a path of blessing


December 2023 Invest in oneness

November 2023 No winners in war

October 2023 The high cost of meat

September 2023 Lived experience brings a complex issue into sharp relief

August 2023 VISION 2024: Unleash your creativity as you discern God's call

July 2023 Reclaim the right to rest

June 2023 How to carve out the good

May 2023 The wrong way to be right

April 2023 Choose mission

March 2023 Conclusions, conscience, and where to draw the line

February 2023 Think like a theologian

January 2023 Go boldly but expect changes in course


December 2022 Resolve to show some restraint

November 2022 For crying out loud

October 2022 Purify your heart

September 2022 What the selfie can't capture

August 2022 VISION 2023: Pathways for a restless heart

July 2022 Grow small

June 2022 Define enough

May 2022 The need to be

April 2022 This is personal

March 2022 Let your imagination soar

February 2022 How to define the indefinable

January 2022 Unity is within our reach


December 2021 Behold, the gift of time

November 2021 The importance of owning our history

October 2021 The haunting path to holiness

September 2021 How to fill up what's lacking

August 2021 VISION 2022: Bring your vocation to light

July 2021 Sifting for wisdom in the Age of Information

June 2021 Haven't we suffered enough?

May 2021 The serious Catholic

April 2021 Use your imagination to see more clearly

March 2021 Look around the corner

February 2021 The Impossible Mysteries

January 2021 Defining hope


December 2020 Ponder your distractions

November 2020 Befriending the grey

October 2020 Exercise your sacred right to vote

September 2020 What's next?

August 2020 VISION 2021: See your life in a new light

July 2020 Sustained by the Word

June 2020 I wash my hands for you

May 2020 The church is open for business

April 2020 Lessons learned this Lent

February 2020 The bigger picture

January 2020 Check your compass settings


December 2019 The dark and light of faith

November 2019 Tune in to your faith

October 2019 How do we get out of this mess?

September 2019 Discover silence

August 2019 VISION 2020: Focus your calling

July 2019 Effort and ease

June 2019 Out with the old

May 2019 Don't wait for what-if

April 2019 Vocation basics: It's all in your gifts

March 2019 Lessons from the Trinity

February 2019 Values rule

January 2019 The other six days of the week


December 2018 The road to well-lit choices

November 2018 Holy restlessness

October 2018 Dream with the young

September 2018 Divine design: The holiness of place

August 2018 VISION 2019: Invite God into the conversation

July 2018 It is not all about me. It is about us.

June 2018 Adventure awaits! Take a journey into the castle

May 2018 There's no cookie cutter for holiness

April 2018 The right way to be right

March 2018 The secret to hearing your call

February 2018 As a matter of fact: Opinions aren't 

January 2018 Divine design: The holiness of place


December 2017 Three little words: God with us

November 2017 Why we gather?

October 2017 Make room for the past

September 2017 How to get our point across

August 2017 VISION 2018: Your life poured out for others

July 2017 Jesus is the Question

June 2017 Tell us a story

May 2017 A little knowledge

April 2017 Large and in charge

March 2017 Be not afraid

February 2017 Charisms for a new century

January 2017 Discernment matters


December 2016 Get ready while you wait

November 2016 Don't worry: You are already living your vocation

October 2016 Look what lies buried in our sacred history

September 2016 The vocation journey: Sent forth and called home

July 2016 Being your journey with prayer

May 2016 Better take this call

April 2016 World Day of Prayer for Vocations

March 2016 What's your passion?

February 2016 Welcome to Lent!

January 2016 Spend some time in the desert


December 2015 It's time to open your gift

November 2015 Advent: A time for making paths straight 

October 2015 Pope schools Congress on Catholic social teaching

September 2015 Families have a key role in vocations

August 2015 Pope Francis on the challenges of discerning God's will

July 2015 Pope calls us to go green

May 2015 Vocation Match and the BBC

April 2015 Take a moment of silence

January 2015 How to see things with a discerning eye


December 2014 What's your Christian legacy?

November 2014
One group of people who deserve our thanks

October 2014 Get spooked in a holy way

September 2014 Get ready to wake up the world!

July 2014 Get to know your spiritual self better | Order VISION 2015

June 2014 Awards Galore! | Order VISION 2015

April 2014 Year of Consecrated Life survey closes soon 

March 2014 Help us to understand what Catholics think about religious sisters, brothers, and priests

February 2014 What is your defining characteristic? | Is it okay for Christians to be rich?


December 2013 Our favorite love story brought to life

November 2013 You were meant for spiritual joy!

October 2013 Why Pope Francis chose the name Francis--much more!

August 2013 Five signs that religious life might be right for you; WYD Rio 2013

June 2013 Another Day, another quote from Pope Franics; God sees great things in you!

April 2013 Make no little plans; Vocations are the fruits of prayer

March 2013 We will be people of love and joy; Check out our calendar events

February 2013 Farewell, Pope Benedict XVI; How will they choose the new pope

January 2013 Year of faith update: Explore what it means to be Catholic


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