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We hate to toot our own horn, but . . .

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2016 Catholic Press Association AwardsBEST ONLINE BLOG: Publication Blog
Third Place
Questions Catholics Ask
2016 Associated Church Press

Best in Class
VISION Vocation Guide Year of Consecrated Life parish resource packet

Theological Reflection
Take Five for Faith

2015 Catholic Press Association Awards

First Place
VISION Vocation Network

Third place
Diego Ortiz Mugica photo for “5 steps to finding your vocation

Third Place
Nourishing body and soul” by Sister Sheryl Francis Chen, O.S.C.O.

BEST ESSAY ORIGINATING WITH A MAGAZINE OR NEWSLETTER: Professional & Special Interest Magazine (Including Clergy & Religious)
Honorable mention
Can your career fit into religious life?” by Sister Janet Gildea, S.C.

BEST ONLINE BLOG: Publication Blog
Third Place
Questions Catholics Ask

2015 Associated Church Press

VISION Vocation Guide for

General Excellence: BEST IN CLASS/PRINT:
Denominational or other Special Interest Magazine
VISION Vocation Guide

Book, Nonfiction
Discover Your Path: Best of VISION Vocation Guide

2014 Catholic Press Association Awards
Best photo story originating with a magazine - First Place: “Silent preachers amid nature's song” by Anne Marie O'Kelley, Joel Schorn, Carol Schuck Scheiber (text); photos provided by the monastery 

Best essay - First Place: “Chastity in real life” by Father Matthew Kuczora, C.S.C.
Best feature article - First Place: “There's no gap when it comes to these generations” by Heidi Schlumpf 

Best essay - Second Place: “5 signs religious life may be right for you” by Sister Colleen Smith, A.S.C.J. 

Best online content not published in print - Second Place: “Questions Catholics Ask” by Alice Camille

Best electronic newsletter - Third Place: “VISION E-Vocation Newsletter: Call to Mind God's Call”
by Patrice J. Tuohy

Best coverage of vocations - Third Place: “Know thyself: A priest finds his way” by Pat Morrison

Best essay - Honorable Mention: “Our service is our prayer” by Sister Pat Dowling, C.B.S.

HORIZON, the National Religious Vocation Conference's professional journal for those in vocation ministry, also was a big winner this year with six Catholic Press Association awards.

Congratulations to our authors and editors for their commendable work providing our readers with a multimedia resource that is trusted, respected, and consistently outstanding!

2013 Catholic Press Association Awards

Best Essay - First Place
"Called, and called again" by Sister Camille D’Arienzo, R.S.M.
Entering the door of religious life led this Sister of Mercy to the fulfillment of her dreams, and beyond.

Best Essay - Third Place
"Living the vows" by Sister Renée Daigle, M.S.C.
The promises of poverty, celibacy, and obedience are less about giving things up than about living a full and free life.

Best Interview - Honorable Mention
"Accept the gift of forgiveness" by Father Britto M. Berchmans and Caroline Hopkinson
The path to peace and serenity all begins with the humble admission: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.

Best Photo Story - Honorable Mention
"Taking on new habits"
by Chris Bronson
In a long-established ritual, three men from different walks of life enter a monastery to live for a year among the monks and see if it is right for them and for the community.

Best General Publisher Website - Second Place

2012 Catholic Press Association Awards
VISION Vocation Guide received two 2012 Catholic Press Association journalism awards of excellence for the following articles:

Best Essay - First Place
“Blessed are we who comfort the mourners” by Matthew Kuczora, C.S.C.,
Judge's comments:
 An entertwined series of journeys: a spiritual calling, a lifelong friendship, a maturation into a career, a life cut tragically short. This is told with intelligence and insight.
General Excellence, Religious Order Magazines - Third Place
Judge's comments:
 This magazine is well designed and written. It appeals to laity as well as those in various orders. It includes links to online versions in several languages. The stories are good and cover a broad spectrum of subjects.

2011 Catholic Press Association Awards
VISION Vocation Guide received three 2011 Catholic Press Association journalism awards of excellence for the following articles:
Best Multiple Picture Package Feature - First Place
“Trust God and Hit the Road” by Brother Roger Anthony Lopez, O.F.M., Joel Schorn, Toni Cashnelli, Anne Marie O’Kelley Judge's comments: Nice packaging. I felt like I was one of the brothers.

Best Feature Article, Religious Order Magazines - Second Place
“Full of Grace: Reclaiming the Rosary” by Alice Camille Judge's comments: The author makes a strong point through excellent use of sources to reframe the rosary in a way that reminds Catholics of its power and function on our lives today.

Best Essay, 
Religious Orders Magazines - Third Place
“Joy I never expected” by Sister Marilyn Lacey, R.S.M.
Judge's comments:
 A caring, warmly written essay that fearlessly shares deeply personal reactions and feelings.

Best Web and Print Combination Package
 - First Place
"Inspired Images/More Inspired Images" by Joel Schorn and Anne Marie O'Kelley

2010 Catholic Press Association Awards
VISION Vocation Guide received four 2010 Catholic Press Association journalism awards of excellence for the following articles:

Best Original Poetry - First Place
"Just Take It" by Father Larry Janowski, O.F.M.
Judge's comments: The poem's message of action and decision offers profound insight into the human condition. The conversational and direct tone lends the poem great power, appropriate to the subject matter and to Frost's own voice. The sonnet-like structure further supports the poem's quiet, understated wisdom.

Best Essay - Second Place

"Monks build community one living stone upon another" by Brother Francis Wagner, O.S.B.
Judge's comments: The author opens with the question "does death actually give life meaning?" and goes on to answer his question by discussing the way he views death and reflecting back on funerals. Well-written and very explanatory.

Best Personality Profile-Second Place
"Teacher First, Sister Always" by Leslie Scanlon
Judge's comments: The author tells Sister Lee Ann McNally's story through people she has helped. She paints a picture of her subject with strong detail and anecdotes. The writing is clear and concise. She uses quotes to tell the story.

Best Photo Story - Third Place
"Sacred Places: Where beauty and grace meet" text by Joel Schorn
Judge's comments: This is a stunning group of architectural photos, each one shot with obvious attention to the finest detail. They reverently capture the beauty and grandeur of their subjects, the "sacred spaces" mentioned in the opening text.
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
VISION Vocation Network is included in the United States Bishops' Conferences list
of Top 10 Vocation Websites.

Other awards for TrueQuest Communications . . .

National Religious Vocation Conference

PATRICE TUOHY, Executive Editor of VISION Vocation Guide, and TRUEQUEST COMMUNICATIONS, publishers of VISION, were awarded the National Religious Vocation Conference's 2008 Harvest Award for outstanding contributions to vocation ministry and promoting Catholic religious vocations.

Catholic Press Association Awards

2015 GENERAL EXCELLENCE: Newsletter - Third Place Prepare the Word 

Associated Church Press Awards

2012  Independent Website or E-zine - Third Place
2011  Independent Website or E-zine - Second Place
2011  Bible Resource - First Place
2010  Bible Resource - Second Place 
2009  Independent Website or E-zine
 - Third Place
2008  Independent Website or E-zine

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