B.L.T.: Three steps for successful decision-making

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Facing some big life decisions? Follow these three essential steps for reading the signs and making informed decisions: Believe, listen, and trust.

You must first believe that God loves you very much! God created you in all your uniqueness, beauty, gifts and weaknesses. God wants your happiness. Follow what gives you joy, not what you think you should do.

Next, listen to the movements of God's Spirit. This process of listening is much like an unfolding flower. One cannot actually watch it open, yet, day-by-day, night-by-night, the interplay of growth, rest, light and dark unfold the beauty. In the same way, God does not speak all at once, but if your are attentive, you can discern steady movements of the Spirit. By responding to those small movements, the larger picture unfolds.

BLT Decision-making handout
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3. TRUST  
It is not enough to believe in and listen to God's call within us. It may seem obvious, but both faith and listening can be dead-ended unless we respond in trust. Total surrender is required. 

Adapted from “The three keys to successful vocation decisions,” by Sister Rosann Ocken, O.S.B.

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Read about the B.L.T. method of decision-making above.

How does it apply to your life and the important decisions you are making about school, career, vocation, or other important commitments?

What doubts do you feel about your choices? Do you think applying the B.L.T. method can help you make a better decision?

Which of the steps do you find most challenging?

Be prepared to share with the group some of the insights you’ve gained.




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