Missionary sister falls in love

By Sister Deborah Davis, P.H.J.C. With intentions of being a do-gooder, I arrived in Mexico; instead I have been enriched and humbled by the goodness I’ve discovered.

Image: I have been  blessed with guides who have helped reshape my attitude. These guides are the very people I came to serve.

OK, I'LL ADMIT IT: I FELL IN LOVE. Like so many others before me, I came to Mexico to be a missionary, to serve the poor, to make a difference, to bring the Good News of Jesus. Sounds holy doesn’t it? So what happened? I fell in love. How could I not? He’s a real heartbreaker, and it was love at first sight.

Let me tell you about him. His name is Zacarías, and I’ll confess, he is a little young for me. But when he smiles, he lights up the world. The usual clichés, right?

What you need to know is that Zacarías, born to an abusive, alcoholic mother, is a survivor. Deprived of sufficient nutrition before and after his birth, Zacarías is also developmentally delayed. At 10 years old, his life consists of selling Chiclets on streetcorners, doing cartwheels at stop lights to “entertain" drivers in hopes of earn