A user’s guide on the ways to pray

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Pray all ways

WE NEED TO PRAY; we want to pray. The Catechism of the Catholic Church emphasizes this need by saying that “prayer and Christian life are inseparable” and that “prayer is a vital necessity.”

But how shall we pray? Fortunately Catholic tradition as well as contemporary sources are rich in forms of prayer to make our own. You will see many of these prayer forms presented in the chart on the attached pdf. They range from the five basic forms of prayer to the classic prayer traditions and practices given to us by illustrious teachers of the faith such as Saint Benedict, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Ignatius Loyola, the Carmelites, and the Dominicans. There are prayers both communal and private. Spoken and silent. Spontaneous and memorized. Formal and informal. Word-filled and wordless.

The ways to pray are endless. But no matter which prayers or prayer forms you make your own, remember to “ground” your prayer in desire and surrender. These are the real essentials for genuine prayer, says writer and Trappist monk Father Thomas Merton. Here now is a user’s guide on some ways to pray.

Download VISION's attractive User's Guide on the Ways to Pray.

Ways to Pray 1

Ways to pray

Linus MundyLinus Mundy is director of publications at Abbey Press and the founder of two of their popular booklets series, CareNotes and PrayerNotes. He has also written numerous articles for the religious press as well as books on the Desert Elders, Saint Benedict, and the art of slowing down and keeping life simple.




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