A dream rekindled: Profile of Father Luis Romero, C.M.

Growing up in a remote part of EL Salvador, Father Luis Romero, C.M. remembers that when a priest would arrive once or twice a year, the Masses were major, festive occasions: “I would always ask myself, ‘Who is this man, and what does he have that gets people so excited? What is it he brings that gives so much happiness and joy to the people? I want to be like him.’ ” Fast forward many years and a move to the United States. Working in a factory on Long Island, New York, Romero’s childhood dream was reignited when the Vincentian who always celebrated the Spanish Mass at his parish invited him to join a vocation discernment group. Six years later, he entered the Vincentians.

Father Luis Romero, C.M.

(Photo: courtesy of St. John’s University)

What attracted you to your community?

Life in community was important to me once I started to think seriously about my vocation. I also liked that the Vincentians were missionaries and that they served the poor.

What kind of ministry have you experienced?

I’m currently a vocation director for my community. Before that, I worked in the Hispanic apostolate of Rockville Center on Long Island, New York—one of my best ministry experiences to date. I was able to bring God to God’s people through the sacraments.

Your favorite part of ministry today?

It’s a blessing and joy to interact with young people, getting to know their stories and sharing my story with them, guiding them, helping them make a decision.

What’s the most fun you ever had with your community?

Road trips! And listening to funny stories members tell about life in the missions.

How do you like to pray?

Silence and meditation or singing.

Favorite saints?

Saint Oscar Romero. And ever since I was a child I’ve liked Saint Dominic Savio.

What gives you hope about religious life?

There are still people willing to say yes to God’s call. I believe and trust in God’s promise that he will always be with us and will provide laborers for his harvest.




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