Connections make the man: Profile of Father Kevin Zubel, C.Ss.R.

Things can get loud when Father Kevin Zubel, C.Ss.R. gets behind the wheel. “The missionary life entails hours on the road, so I have plenty of time to practice my vocals to the radio,” says this longtime musician and singer. Zubel might be driving to visit a family (a favorite destination), to say Mass in Spanish as a chaplain to Baton Rouge, Louisiana Hispanics, or attend to the needs of his local religious community, which he serves as superior. It’s all in a day’s work—all of it done in concert with his Redemptorist brothers.

Father Kevin Zubel, C.Ss.R.

(Photo courtesy of the Redemptorists)

What do you enjoy about living in community?

As a young(ish) religious, I’m grateful to have veteran missionaries on hand to calm me down when something gets me worked up.

Favorite way to pray?

I have an extroverted spirituality, so I am most prayerful when I’m walking through a crowded city or traveling on public transportation. I read the many faces I encounter and find myself praying for these anonymous fellow pilgrims on the journey. I feel most connected to God when I feel connected to others.

What is your favorite food?

I’m a breakfast fanatic, so nothing satisfies me more than a plate heavy with a Western omelet, crispy hash browns, and a strong cup of coffee.

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had with your community?

In August 2021, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, the New Orleans Redemptorists evacuated to Baton Rouge, and the size of our local community nearly doubled. Even as we all worked to recuperate from the storm and attend to the needs of our parishioners, we took comfort in sharing stories and laughter.

What gives you hope about religious life?

The needs and longings that ignited the foundation of religious congregations continue to exist and call us to action.




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