A job for life: Profile of Father Andrew Laguna, S.J.

Priests don’t tend to worry about “job security,” but nonetheless Father Andrew Laguna, S.J. is pretty sure people will keep wanting what he and his community are offering. “Even though it seems that people are becoming less and less explicitly religious in the United States, I think that there are more seekers than ever,” he says. “More and more are drawn to spirituality, are searching for something beyond themselves. This desire is at the heart of what it means to be a religious.” When Laguna discovered how much he loved helping with parish retreats, he considered priesthood, met an encouraging Jesuit, and 11 years ago cast his lot with that community.

Father Andrew Laguna, S.J.

(Photo courtesy of Father Andrew Laguna, S.J.)

Who is your favorite saint?

It’s hard to narrow down, but I love Saint Peter the Apostle. He keeps messing up, but the Lord just loves him and continues inviting him to be a companion and servant. I can relate to that.

What do you like about community life?

It is a gift to live with men of various talents who have given their lives to the Lord and desire to be his co-worker and companion. Community life can have its challenges, but overall I am a better person because of the Jesuits with whom I share my life.

What is your best prayer style?

The Ignatian Examen [a set of prayer prompts initiated by the founder of the Jesuits]. I love sitting with God and savoring the consolation given me that day. The Examen grounds me and gives me direction.

Any hobbies?

I love to run or hike outdoors when I can. The beauty of nature calms me and makes me feel close to God.

What’s the best part of your current ministry as a pastor?

I receive a lot of life when I celebrate the sacraments and just spend time with parishioners. It is a privilege to witness their deep faith, hope, and love, and I am continually inspired.




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