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Image: THE ALTAR IN THE CHAPEL of Redwoods Monastery in Northern California, where the Cistercian Sisters of Our Lady of the Redwoods live a simple monastic life among the majestic redwoods.

Jesus’ core message
—that we are one—is surely one of the great mysteries of existence. This truth is so hard to accept because our senses tell a different story: We are separate, different, and alone. We need an image to help us realize what our senses cannot.

Picture the giant redwood trees of California: They only grow in groves. Moreover, each tree’s roots extend and grasp the roots of the surrounding trees, forming a strong, interconnecting network that serves to nourish and sustain all of them equally.

Remember the redwood trees and their invisible, interlocking roots as you discern your vocation. You are not alone and never will be on your chosen path to Christ.

Ann Lang O’Connor was a long-time contributor to TrueQuest Communication’s Take Five for Faith, and Patrice J. Tuohy is executive editor of VISION Vocation Guide and founder and co-publisher of TrueQuest Communications.




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