PODCAST: Called to be saints

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SaintsSainthood. When I think of saints, I think of men and women who devoted their lives to Christ. I think of people were "perfect." They were people who performed great feats of asceticism, devoted their lives to prayer, who were holy, and performed miracles.

However, each of us is called to be saints and although the list above looks like an almost impossible task, the reality is that we can embody the virtues of Christ each day. When we comfort the sick, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, we, in fact, are working towards our own sainthood. We might not be recognized by the Church in the way Augustine, Francis, Teresa, or Joan of Arc are, but we will can be our generation's quiet faces of holiness.

So on this Feast of All Saints, think about people in your own lives who embody the Beatitudes that Jesus laid out before us. And of course the best way to do it: Listening to a great All Saints playlist!  Below are my top 10 songs to get you in the saintly mood. 

Please enjoy these songs from Spotify! If you do not have Spotify yet, I have included the names of the songs that are featured in this playlist. 

Here is the Saint Song. Unable to be featured in the Spotify playlist due to copyright concerns.

Songs featured in All Saints Podcast:
1. Rejoice with all the Saints by Bob Luft
2. Christ, Be our Light by Bernadette Farrell
3. Be Not Afraid by John Michael Talbot
4. Blest are They by David Haas
5. The Saint Song by Paul Camarata 
6. Litany of Saints by Dan Schutte
7. Saints of God by Robert Kochis
8.I am the Resurrection and I am the Life by The Choir of St. Gregory
9.On Eagles Wings by John Michael Talbot
10. We are Marching by Eric Quiram *changed due to copyright




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