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Podcast imageDJ Phyre brings you exclusive playlists sponsored by VISION Vocation Network. I will be providing listeners with a variety of songs to enhance your workouts, study sessions, or anything in between. Tune in and turn up the volume.

I am a young Catholic trying to understand my faith, and music never fails to help. I invite you to join me on a musical journey with the Spinning with the Spirit podcasts.

Each podcast will provide you with some food for thought on a particular theme as well as my top 10 songs related to the theme. I welcome and appreciate feedback and any suggestions for featured themes, songs, and playlists you may have. 

Here is to soulful tunes and energized faith! 

Sacred music
God welcomes you!
Runners delight
Tricks and Treats
Called to be saints
Gobble! Gobble!
Christmas jingles




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