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VISION Spotlight

Sister Joni Luna, S.P. (left) takes part in a demonstration of solidarity with migrants, immigrants, and refugees.

Religious orders aid and advocate for migrants

🕔08. Jul 2020

In the United States, attitudes toward migrants and refugees have varied widely, but one group has predictably been on the spot to offer aid, shelter, and spiritual solace: religious communities of men and women.

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Brother Joseph Kronebusch, O.C.S.O. tends to lilies on the grounds of New Melleray Monastery in Iowa.

Rural religious take to the highways and byways

🕔16. Jul 2019

With nonurban areas in the United States making up 97 percent of the land but only 19 percent of its population, religious serving in rural ministries cover a lot of ground. Here’s a look at some of the ways sisters, brothers, and priests are making inroads in America’s backcountry. 

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Lives that lead to God: Biographies and memoirs

🕔22. Jun 2008

Find out what's new and interesting in the vocation-related books.

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The Canticle Prayer Room at Chiara Center of the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis in Springfield, Illinois.

Divine design: The holiness of place

🕔11. Jul 2018

Where do you pray? Hopefully anywhere and everywhere! But it helps to have special places set aside from the distractions of everyday life to get into a prayerful state. 

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Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

More prayer spaces of religious communities

🕔10. Jun 2018

VISION received many wonderful photo submissions of prayer spaces from religious communities. Here are more that were not featured in the print and digital editions of the 2018 VISION Vocation Guide.

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Books and birds

Word as witness to the Word

🕔19. Jun 2017

Song and verse are among the oldest ways of praising God, and the impulse to be generative is one of the main components of a call to religious life, so it’s not surprising that poets are part of the vast array of creative religious.

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More poems by religious

🕔06. Jun 2017

VISION received many wonderful submissions of poetry by published religious poets for the 2018 VISION Spotlight. Here are more in our online extra.

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Sister Elizabeth Wagner works in the garden at Transfiguration Hermitage

Vocation takes cultivation

🕔18. Jul 2016

Like plants, people, too, need to germinate in the right environment before they bloom. One monastic sister learned this lesson from tending her garden. Other religious learn similar lessons by their nurture of nature. 

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More gardens of religious communities

🕔16. May 2016

VISION received many wonderful photo submissions of gardens from religious communities. Here are more that were not featured in the print and digital editions of the 2017 VISION Vocation Guide.

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wooden cross from the Abbey of Our Lady of New Clairvaux

Contemplate the cross

🕔22. Jul 2015

The central image of Christianity receives unique expression within religious communities.

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Missionaries of the Precious Blood

More crosses of religious communities

🕔26. May 2015

VISION received many photo submissions of crosses from religious communities. Here are more that were not featured in the print and digital editions of the 2016 VISION Vocation Guide.

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Nourishing body and soul

🕔21. Jul 2014

How the ways of monastic life show up in the kitchen.

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The writing life of sisters, brothers, and priests

🕔29. Jul 2013

For writers in religious life, putting pen to paper is their way to give witness to the Word.

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Women of Spirit

🕔29. Jul 2012

Since the arrival of a small group of sisters in New Orleans almost 300 years ago, Catholic women religious have educated, cared for, and served millions of Americans. A recent traveling exhibit tells their story.

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Created in community

🕔22. Jun 2011

From mustard to candles to picture frames, religious communities make products that support their way of life and extend their mission.

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Inspired images

🕔22. Jul 2010

Members of religious communities connect beauty and the sacred—and their religious vocation with their art.

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Parousia by Brother Charles Wanda, S.M.

More inspired images

🕔29. Jul 2010

VISION received many items about the art of members of religious communities. Here is the art and artists who were not featured in print and digital editions of the 2011 Catholic Religious Vocation Discernment Guide, as well as more about the artists whose work appears on page 136 of the magazine.

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Icon writer Sister Jeana Visel, O.S.B.

More about the artists . . . .

🕔19. Aug 2010

More about the artists whose work appears in "Inspired images" and on page 136 of the 2011 edition of the VISION Catholic Religious Vocaton Discerment Guide.

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Images of religious life guiebooks

Help is at hand: Guidebooks on the way to religious life

🕔22. Jun 2008

VISION ASKED VOCATION MINISTERS in the U.S. and Canada to recommend some of the best books on life as a priest, religious sister, or religious brother. What follows is a list of some of the good reading they recommend.

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Workers in the virtual vineyard

🕔08. Jul 2008

Communications and technology are advancing at an incredible rate. Members of Catholic religious orders—as the following stories show—are keeping pace.

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Give us this day our daily blog

🕔22. Jun 2008

The blogosphere is not lacking when it comes to Catholic religious life and discernment.

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