Trappistine Cistercian Nuns (O.C.S.O.), Whitehorn, CA, Redwoods Monastery [Code: 369]

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Our monastic roots began in France in 1098 by Benedictines, who desiring a God-centered life, embraced the values of simplicity, poverty, silence, continual prayer, and personal transformation. They sought and found God in the ordinary experience of daily living, nurturing the centrality of love as they grew in union with Christ. Redwoods Monastery makes this spiritual heritage available today through the communal practices of the Divine Office, daily Eucharist, divine reading and study, meditation and prayer, manual labor, and hospitality to guests. We are located on 300 acres of old growth redwood forest in Northern California and are deeply committed to preserving our forests, rivers, and wildlife. If you are a single Catholic woman, between 22 and 40 with two years of college or work experience and desire our way of life, please contact us. See our online ad at

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