Secular Institute of Missionaries of the Kingship of Christ (S.I.M.) [Code: 337]

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Consecrated single women who profess poverty, chastity and obedience while living life in the world. Our spirituality is Franciscan and the Missionaries seek to identify with Jesus’ life by striving faithfully to live the Gospel in the world in the spirit of the Beatitudes. A close bond is created among the members through monthly days of recollection, annual retreats, and publications. Requirements: a self-supporting occupation, a desire to promote Gospel values in today’s society, a willingness to commit to a celibate life, and the freedom to live our way of life. Background: founded in 1919 in Assisi, Italy, by Agostino Gemelli, OFM, and Armida Barelli. Approved in 1948 as a Secular Institute of Pontifical Rite. Established in the United States in 1953 by Fr. Stephen Hartdegen, OFM, and Barbara Ottinger.

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