Visitation Sisters of Minneapolis (V.H.M.) [Code: 086]

Membre de la Conférence Religieuse Nationale des Vocations

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Founded four hundred years ago in Annecy, France, St. Jane de Chantal and St. Francis de Sales started the Visitation Sisters with a primary vow of Love and a charism of heart-to-heart encounter as between Mary and Elizabeth. We live our mission of nonviolent presence and encounter in a culturally rich and diverse neighborhood of north Minneapolis. All are welcome as we pray the Liturgy of the Hours four times a day, celebrate Mass, and open our door to greet Jesus. The sisters have built a new monastery in their north Minneapolis neighborhood. This new home gives the Sisters greater opportunities for prayer and hospitality with people who come to our door.To learn more about the Visitation Sisters of Minneapolis, our Salesian Spirituality, and opportunities to engage with us, contact us or visit our social media sites.

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Visitation Sisters of Minneapolis (V.H.M.)




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