Passionist Nuns (C.P.), Ellisville, MO [Code: 047]

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For the praise of God's glory by way of being Brides of Jesus Crucified. Giving Him everything through Religious vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, enclosure and to promote devotion to the Passion of our Savior. An intense spirit of poverty, solitude, prayer and community builds our relationship with Jesus for a worshipful love. We love for those who don't; pray for those who won't. Thus do we serve God (Who deserves our service), the Church, the World. Loyal to the Holy Father. We pray the Liturgy of Hours, daily Holy Mass and Rosary, coming before the Blessed Sacrament at least seven times daily keeps us attuned to the beatings of the Sacred Heart. Looking for something to fill the emptiness in life? Come and See! "Get used to different!"

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