Redemptorists (C.Ss.R.), U.K. [Code: 489]

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As an international Catholic religious congregation, our presence is felt in every corner of the world, working and ministering in 79 countries. Motivated by St. Alphonsus, our founder, bishop and Doctor of the Church, in whatever way we can, we try to bring Jesus our Redeemer into the very heart of daily life. Whether in working with those searching for a deeper understanding of faith, or celebrating the liturgy each day in our parishes, preaching parish missions, leading retreats or encountering people in the inner city, we offer people a new and exciting glimpse of a loving Father who calls us by name. In community we pray, live, work, and play. We have a passion for the Gospel and we have a passion for people. We seek to bring these two passions together. Contact us to learn more. Member of Compass.

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