Trappistine Cistercian Nuns (O.C.S.O.), Wrentham, MA, Mount Saint Mary’s Abbey [Code: 371]

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Our order is a monastic Order wholly directed to contemplation. We are dedicated to the worship of God in a life that is hidden, obscure, and laborious within the monastery and under the Rule of St. Benedict. In this school of love, the nuns grow in humility and self-knowledge. Through the discovery of the depths of God’s mercy in their lives, they will learn to love. The various elements of Cistercian conversatio, such as obedience, humility, ascesis, solitude, and silence, lead, each in its own way, to the interior freedom through which purity of heart and an abiding attention to God are attained. It is in the particular and delicate balance of lectio divina, liturgy, and work, that the Cistercian charism most directly manifests itself. Women between 20 and 40 may apply. We are located at 300 Arnold Street, Wrentham, MA 02093. Please contact us. See our online ad at

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