Sisters of the Resurrection (C.R.), New York Province [Code: 215]

Member of the National Religious Vocation Conference

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As Sisters of the Resurrection, we encounter the Risen Jesus at every stage of our lives. Mary models for us the joy of emptying one's self in loving cooperation with God's gracious plan. Our mission is the fruit of a prayerful contemplative union with the Risen Lord which began for us in Baptism. With great apostolic zeal, we bring joy, hope and love to others through our various ministries. We give our lives to God through a vowed commitment of chastity, poverty, and obedience. God continues to call women to live as Sisters of the Resurrection, and we invite you to prayerfully consider if this is true for you. Join us as we respond to Jesus' call to share the glory of the Resurrection in a world that is so much in need of God's love!.

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Zoom Talk with the Sisters of the Resurrection
Jan 08 2024 - Dec 30 2024 Online Event
Feb 12 2024 - Feb 03 2025 Online Event
Mar 11 2024 - Mar 03 2025 Online Event
Apr 08 2024 - Mar 31 2025 Online Event
May 13 2024 - May 05 2025 Online Event
Jun 10 2024 - Jun 02 2025 Online Event
Jul 08 2024 - Jun 30 2025 Online Event
Aug 12 2024 - Aug 04 2025 Online Event
Sep 09 2024 - Sep 01 2025 Online Event
Oct 14 2024 - Oct 06 2025 Online Event
Nov 11 2024 - Nov 03 2025 Online Event
Dec 09 2024 - Dec 01 2025 Online Event


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