Salvatorians (S.D.S.), Society of the Divine Savior [Code: 145]

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The Salvatorian priests and brothers are the male religious branch of the International Salvatorian Family. We collaborate in mission and ministry with Sisters of the Divine Savior and Lay Salvatorian women and men. The Salvatorians were founded to use “all ways and means which the Love of Christ inspires” to bring the Gospel to the world. We are multicultural and fully embrace the Spirit of Vatican II with compassion for all. We are involved in parishes, international missions, education, hospital and prison chaplaincies, youth ministry, counseling, campus ministry, communications, music, and other specialized ministries. U.S. members serve in several dioceses throughout the United States as well as internationally in the Philippines, Rome, and Tanzania in East Africa. Contact our Vocation Director, Bobby Pantuso, S.D.S., at to learn more. See our ad on

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Salvatorians (S.D.S.), Society of the Divine Savior


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