Creative ways to celebrate the Jubilee Year of Mercy

Posted by Katie Loftus
Sunday 13, December 2015 | Category:   Catholic culture
Vision 2015 Loftus 1 The Jubilee Year of Mercy began December 8, 2015
The Jubilee Year of Mercy began Dec. 8 and will continue through Nov. 20, 2016.
Being merciful can sometimes take practice. That's why Aleteia has compiled a list of 56 ways that one can be merciful during this Year of Mercy. The list has suggestions for both parents and young people, and even some ways families can act mercifully together.

From “Offering to drive an elderly person to mass” to “Offering hospitality in your home to someone or a group of people you would normally never invite over,” this list of suggestions provides helpful ways to begin and continue your journey toward mercy.

You can find the full list of suggestions here.

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