Joy to the world: Pope Francis calls for happiness this holiday season

Posted by Katie Loftus
Sunday 14, December 2014 | Category:   Catholic culture,Prayer and Spirituality
Pope Francis holds up a prayer book while encouraging listeners to find joy during Advent.

As thousands gathered in St. Peter’s Square to have Pope Francis bless their figures of baby Jesus for their crèche scenes, the pope called for a spirit of joyfulness during Advent, saying, “We’ve never heard of a sad saint.”

He encouraged listeners to strive for happiness, saying, “Every family, every people, aspires to happiness.”

This past Sunday was the “Sunday of Joy” during which many priests around the world wear rose-colored vestments to represent the joy of anticipation.

Pope Francis sought to remind the world that in the rush towards Christmas, many people feel overwhelmed. “Think of all the good things life has given you . . . don't forget joy,” he said.

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