Lifetime’s new reality show: “The Sisterhood”

Posted by Katie Loftus
Monday 20, October 2014 | Category:   Vocation and Discernment
In the new reality series 'The Sisterhood,' five young women consider joining religious life.

Lifetime is set to release a new show, “The Sisterhood,” which profiles five young women who are considering becoming nuns. The “docu-series will provide an honest, behind-the-scenes look into the struggles, triumphs, and unique experiences that shape these women as they attempt to leave their old lives and take religious vows.”

The women profiled are all at different points on their faith journey and come from different backgrounds.

The Carmelites for the Aged and Infirm in New York, the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence in Illinois, and the Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker in Kentucky agreed to let the series into their establishments for filming. This is the first time cameras have been allowed in convents to profile the discernment process. 

The show is set to premiere on Nov. 25 at 10pm ET on Lifetime.

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