Signs and symbols of solidarity for peace

Posted by Siobhan O'Neill Meluso
Monday 08, September 2014 | Category:   Catholic culture,Prayer and Spirituality
Yazidi families, escaping violence, take cover under a highway overpass outside Erbil. Photo credit: H. Khalid for CRS.
"The local church’s action is a witness of the 'New Evangelization' in which Pope Francis calls on Christians to proclaim peace in and for the world," says the pastor of St. Mark Catholic Church in Richmond, Kentucky.
After seeing on Huffington Post, the Pope’s first ever photo tweet (retweet/RT) of the Catholic Relief Services image of two Iraqi children escaping violence from ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), I took renewed interest in the facebook campaign in support of the Chritians being persecuted in Iraq represented by the Arabic character for the letter “N.” The “N” stands for Nazarene and was first used by militants to identify property owned by Christians violently forced to leave Mosul, Iraq. Perhaps you have seen the symbol replacing friends Facebook profile pictures throughout the summer?

One of the more impressive signs of solidarity has come from St. Mark Catholic Church in Richmond, Kentucky, which has painted their West Main Street door with this Arabic symbol. Father James Sichko, pastor of St. Mark, told the Richmond Register: “We are all Iraqi Christians. As Catholic Christians, the members of St. Mark stand together in defiance of genocide, of persecution, of hate and the slaughter of Christians anywhere.”

Let these images and symbols continue to be a reminder to #prayforpeace.

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