"Imagine a Sister's Life" website - 21st century connection for aspiring religious

Posted by Siobhan O'Neill Meluso
Wednesday 09, April 2014 | Category:   Vocation and Discernment,Consecrated Life
The Sisters of Bon Secours' new website connects women on their journey to religious life.

In an age where advances in technology can sometimes disconnect us, I must say that the "Imagine a Sister's Life" website welcomes the visitor in very real way. This site offers a conversation starter for women both struggling to find their purpose or need confirmation that they're on the right path.

With a wide array of multimedia tools, "Imagine a Sister's Life" invites visitors to explore religious life by exploring three steps that are outlined on the home page: 1. Meet a Sister, 2. Picture Yourself as a Sister, and 3. Becoming a Sister.

Don't forget to click the "Talk to a Sister" tab to view their blog, join the chat room, and even send a comment or suggestion.

Click Sisters of Bon Secours to discover more about this innovative community.

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