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Posted by Siobhan O'Neill Meluso
Thursday 12, September 2013 | Category:   Vocation and Discernment,Clergy
“AFTER 17 YEARS of being a priest,
Sunday mornings still never get old for me,”
says Father John Herman, C.S.C.
For this throwback Thursday I think it is fitting to throw a “Hail Mary” here and remember the true purpose of Sunday mornings. While we are in the second week of the NFL season, let’s set our fantasy football teams to the best combination of players we have and then leave it and head to Mass.

Father John Herman, C.S.C., touched upon the importance of Sundays Eucharist this last October (2012), in his blog piece: Nothing Better than Sunday Mornings. Heshares  his love and gratitude for God calling him to become a Holy Cross priest aswell as a glimpse into his life of blessings and challenges as pastor of La Luz Parish in México.

Fr. Herman says: “One of the things that helps me feel very grounded in celebrating the Eucharist here is the connection that I’m developing with the people after being here for a little more than a year. I see Imelda out there and know that she’s suffering greatly from the tragic and violent death of her daughter. I see Pablo and Carla who are expectantly awaiting the birth of their first child. I see Arturo and know how he and his family are struggling to keep their family business going. I see Edgar who is discerning a possible vocation to religious life and priesthood in Holy Cross.

“I love Sunday’s, not because it’s the day for NFL football. I love Sundays because we all get to come together for our celebration of the Eucharist. Does it get any better than this?”

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