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Tuesday 10, September 2013 | Category:   Consecrated Life
In an interview with PBS' Religion and Ethics Newsweekly on September 4, 2013, Sister Joan Chittister and Prioress Anne Wambach of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, PA talk about Saint Benedict’s “life of prayer and work, and stressed the importance of hospitality, humility, and community.”
“Benedict was trying to in his day show people that there was another way to go about life," said Sister Wambach. "Moderation in all things, balance in all things, certainly God at the center of all. We have been trying to make people aware that Benedictine spirituality is for all people, not just for religious women and men, and has been from the beginning. I think Joan does that very well.”

SISTER JOAN Chittister, O.S.B.
Sister Joan, who has sold over 1 million copies of 40 books on the spiritual life, says has “a disease called justice. I can spot injustice at a great distance and feel compelled to confront it.” The community's recent projects include The Grove, "an urban farm with 65 raised beds that will provide fresh produce for the poor, and serve as an outdoor classroom for teaching gardening techniques,” as well as Sister Joan’s "newest and most cherished project,” a virtual monastery called “The Monastery of the Heart” which gather people together on the internet in prayer and community.

In answer to interviewer Judy Valente's question, “Why do you stay in the Catholic Church?” Sister Chittister said: “Roman Catholicism is the storehouse, the treasure house of the Christian tradition. It’s this whole notion of the blend of wisdom, of commitment, of knowledge, of holiness. That’s the church for me. That’s the church I’m waiting for.”

Read the full interview transcript or watch the PBS interview here.

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