"Loves and Fishes Ministry" in St. Louis

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NOVICE BROTHER Andrew Dinegar, C.F.A., (left),
and Novice Brother Paul Magner, C.F.A.,
unload bread and other bakery Goods during a delivery.

The Alexian Brothers (C.F.A.) in St. Louis are featured in The Alexians magazine for their work with their “Loaves and Fishes Ministry.” The year-old ministry is growing rapidly and serving many homeless and needy throughout the city of St. Louis.

Brother Thomas Klein, C.F.A. started the ministry in May 2011 after his barber asked him if he knew of anyone who could use some extra bread. When Brother Thomas was reassigned temporarily last summer to Signal Mountain, Tenn., Novice Brother Andrew Dinegar, C.F.A., along with Novice Brother Paul Magner, C.F.A., have helped develop, sustain, and network to provide for the continued success of the ministry.

“There’s such a great need out there,” Brother Andrew says. The ministry fits the Brothers’ mission and reflects their values “to a ‘T’ . . . . Going back 800 years to how the Alexian Brothers started by serving the poor . . . it’s coming full circle."

Learn more about the Alexian Brothers.

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