The Mary contest: Let the games begin

Posted by Siobhan O'Neill Meluso
Wednesday 30, January 2013 | Category:   Consecrated Life,Clergy,Mary and the Saints
A short film inspires Mary to become a nun. 


Have you ever been asked to consider religious life? Was there a period of time in your life where you thought about becoming a sister, nun, brother, or priest? Writer and director Teresa McGee recounts this period of time in her own life as the inspiration for a short film, The Mary Contest.

An 11-year-old, Mary Kelly, struggles to fit in and finds comfort in Sister Adelia, who invites her to join The Legion of Mary prayer group. It is in the prayer group where the contest to find the most names for the Virgin Mary ensues.

How many names can you think of for the Virgin Mary off the top of your head? What about Marian religious communities? With help from the VISION search tab, here's my "short" list of communities with Mary--or some form of Mary--in their name:


Religious of Jesus and Mary (RJM)

Let me know what communities I've missed!

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