Irish brother trains Kenyan runners

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Friday 10, August 2012 | Category:  
BR. O'CONNELL works out his runners
at the Iten Athletics Camp.
With the Summer Olympic games entering their final days, here's a story about Brother Colm O’Connell, a member of the Brothers of St. Patrick missionaries of Ireland. A retired geography teacher, he has had a part in training many Kenyan middle- and long-distance runners. 8,500 feet up in the Rift Valley, the Iten Athletics Camp at the brother's St. Patrick's high school consists of a dirt track and the school's spartan housing and has produced many champions from the local Kalenjin tribe.

A story on Br. O'Connell from Outside magazine; an article in The Telegraph (U.K.) from earlier this year; and NYTimes blog post from the Beijing Summer Olympics 4 years ago.

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