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CU's President John Garvey helps paint with students

Can you imagine how many days of service 352,627 hours is? Well, it is roughly around 14,610 days of service. Hard to imagine, but members of Catholic University were able to take the challenge and run with it. A total of 3100 members of Catholic University completed these hours of service, far surpassing their goal of 125,000 hours to mark the school’s 125th anniversary.

President John Garvey noted in his speech the virtues behind this incredible challenge and its ability to connect the University to the community as well as to those who founded the school.  He mentioned, “Love and wisdom go together and how we live shapes our pursuit of knowledge.” Garvey also mentioned that these ideas are central to Catholic education.

The original goal of 125,000 was reached on January 24th, 2012. Since this turning point the challenge has reached other milestones. In March the students alone exceeded 125,000 hours of service and over 63,060 hours of service were contributed to the Catholic Church and affiliated organizations.

Catholic University isn’t the first school to take on this challenge. In 2009, first lady Michelle Obama challenged George Washington University students to complete at least 100,000 hours of service in exchange for her to speak at graduation. When the first lady took the stage in May 2010, GWU’s 25,000 students and other campus members had logged 163,980 hours.

Jesus called each of us to help those in need and to care for each other and these examples of service can be examples to each of us. Let us be guided by virtues, a spirit of generosity and the love for God that we all can continue to grow in understanding and wisdom.


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