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Recently, it seems like our society has been engrossed on competition and games. From the Hunger Games (check out the Spiritual Popcorn blog) to the World Choir games, we have been inspired to “rise” to the challenge and fight to the death (not literally).

Located just outside of Los Angeles, Immaculate Heart of Mary children’s choir thoughtfully practices for their upcoming appearance at the World Choir Games. Practicing for around 2 hours every day, this 35 member group which ranges from grades 2nd thru 8th is preparing for one of the greatest choir competitions in the world.  

The World Choir Games which is dubbed as “Olympics of Choral Music” is being held for the first time ever on American soil, in Cincinnati July 4th thru July 14th. Immaculate Heart of Mary is the only US Catholic School that is competing at these games.

Around 2 years ago the children’s choir was singing just once a month at Mass, that was until Christopher “Pete” Avendano took over. He not only upped their mass commitment but began to develop a truly amazing choir. “My vision, my dream was to form a more serious children’s choir” Pete stated. Taking from his own experiences as a boy, he wanted the same for this IHM choir.

The competition itself is quite an expense (roughly $50,000+) but the goal is to unify people through the power of music. As of January 2012 over 325 choirs have registered with over 12,000 participants, which is truly amazing.

So if you are in Cincinnati area in July, stop in and check out the IHM’s Children’s Choir and let us keep these students in our prayers as the practice and compete. May their voices inspire others to sing and celebrate life. Remember those who sing, pray twice.

To read more about the choir and the history behind it check out Maureen Platt’s article in St. Anthony’s Messenger. 
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