Jesus, Zombies, and Halloween

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What an interesting perspective about Halloween and Christianity. In a recent Huffington Post article, Jim Kinley writes about the tension that brews between this ghoulish holiday and our sense of faith. According to Kinley are we really supposed to appreciate such a scary and almost satanic holiday? A day where we dress up as goblins, witches, demons, and other scary creations going around asking for candy? Seems pretty harmless to me but is it?

Kinley addresses this relationship between good and evil, in his new book "The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook: Slaying the Living Dead Within," which focuses on our inner struggles with temptation and sin and how we can combat our own” inner zombie”.

The article looks at this issue with what is called our “old self” (Rom 6:6), a part of us that resists or tries to steer away from God and all that he does. We have this piece of us, our “inner zombie” that eats away at what we know to be good and true. Although this evil entity really has no authority over us it does creep in on us daily. Kinley writes that Christians are not much for disorder but God likes to throw us a couple curve balls, to really get us to think and engage in our daily thoughts and actions.

Kinley writes, “In doing this, we Christians discover we aren't really any "better" than anyone else. This zombie inside us smells as putrid as any portrayed by Hollywood. And though we have accepted Christ's atoning sacrifice on our behalf (Col 1:13-14), we still struggle with many of the same temptations and sins as the rest of humanity (Rom 7:15-25). We become acutely aware of an inner beast that constantly moans and gnaws at our spirit.” We have to work on suppressing this “inner zombie” and learn to continue to accept all that God has done for us.

So was Jesus a fan of Halloween? I am sure he was especially with all the delicious candy we have today.

Have a Happy Halloween and enjoy the tricks and treats!

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