Sisters of Providence green up their advertising

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Thursday 13, March 2008 | Category:   Consecrated Life

Ode and Body+Soul magazines goes out to people interested in "conscious" living—health, an environmentally friendly lifestyle, and peace. Now, alongside the ads for organic chocolates are those for the Sisters of Providence, headquartered in St.-Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana.

"It's the right audience for us," Diane Weidenbenner, the director of marketing for the sisters, told the Chicago Sun-Times. "The magazines appeal to women interested in a right relationship with God, other people, and earth."

The sisters devote more than 340 acres of their 1,200-acre grounds to organic farming and also host the White Violet Center for Eco-Justice. Located in a former laundry facility, this education center and meeting facility includes a wetlands restoration project, a trail of bluebird houses that is part of a Cornell University bird study, a herd of 50 alpacas, a straw bale retreat house, organic and biodynamic gardens grown for farmers' markets, a library, and a greenhouse where staff members produce seedlings for use in organic/biodynamic gardens.

The ads, said Sister Denise Wilkinson, vicar and first general councilor for the Sisters of Providence, are intended to appeal to anyone in need of spiritual nourishment. If someone is interested in joining the community or donating, all the better.

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