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With so many directions your life can take, it's not often easy to discern where God is calling you.

What is the best path for you to take to live out your Christian commitment? That is the question VISION Vocation Match was designed to help you answer.

When you go through the online Vocation Match process, you'll be asked a series of questions that will help you gain insight into your spirituality and your lifestyle and ministry preferences. Your answers will help shape your profile which can then be matched with compatible religious orders and organizations.

Hundreds of religious communities of priests, nuns, and brothers participate in Vocation Match, and tens of thousands of people just like you have used Vocation Match to help them understand their calling and narrow their search for the right vocation.

The service is free, and you have complete control over who—if anyone—is sent your profile. You can go through the Match as many times as you'd like, change your answers, and study your results. You can email your profile to the religious communities to whom you feel drawn, or you easily can access more information by reading the descriptive listings and clicking on the links accompanying your Vocation Match results.

Vocation Match is a tool for you to use in any way that you find helpful.

Go to today and learn more about where God may be calling you.




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