For Teachers: How to register students in VISION Vocation Match


Your students don't have to enter their real email addresses, but it helps us if they create false addresses in an orderly manner.

Two female high-school age students working on laptops. Photo by Sebastian Sikora.

We are working on a VISION Vocation Match upgrade that will allow students to create profiles without email addresses. In the meantime we recommend that you ask them to enter false email addresses, but in a manner that allows us to know they are from the same class. For example:

Or, if you don't want them to enter names,

We request this approach instead of suggesting that they enter random false addresses because it's helpful for us to know that the cluster of false addresses hitting our system is a class of students working on an assignment rather than a malicious attempt by a spammer to hack our system.

We appreciate you using VISION Vocation Match to educate your students and we hope they find it to be a valuable resource. Please contact us if you have further questions or suggestions.




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