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Vocation Trends, Surveys, Statistics

Storymap of todays religious

Bold and Faithful: Meet Today's Religious

🕔05. Jun 2023

Introducing to our newest Catholic sisters, nuns, brothers, and priests and opportunities to learn more through video, podcasts, evernts calendar, lesson plans, religious institute map and more. 

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VISION Vocation Network Infographic

Infographic: Who is answering the call to religious life?

🕔21. Jul 2014

Who is considering a vocation to consecrated life? How old are they? Where do they live? What kind of community interests them? Find out here.

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VISION Vocation Match Trend Surveys

🕔29. Sep 2012

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Global reach of VISION Vocation Network

NRVC and VISION's Global Reach

🕔24. May 2019

NRVC's programming and services and its premier publication for discerners: VISION Vocation Guide reach hundreds of thousands of people across the country and around the world each year. Here is a snapshot of the ways NRVC and VISION get the good word out about Catholic religious vocations:

Download the 2019 NRVC VISION Infographic


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2019 VISION Vocation Match Discerner Follow-Up

🕔16. Dec 2019

Each year an average of 5,000 new and unique users complete VISION Vocation Match profiles. Although discerners occasionally update us as they make their life choices, in September we decided to do a more formal check-in to see where our readers and site visitors from the past five years are now and what advice they have for vocation directors and VISION editors.

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Tiny Snapshot Survey results

🕔15. Feb 2011

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Reader Statistics: Current and Archived

🕔17. Nov 2014

Look who's interested in a religious vocation.

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2011 Trends Survey

🕔16. Apr 2012

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2010 Fourth Annual Vocation Trends Survey

🕔22. Dec 2010

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2010 Vocation Trends Survey Filtered Responses

🕔25. Sep 2010

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2009 Fall Press Release

🕔02. Sep 2009

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2009 Vocation Trends Survey

🕔18. Mar 2009

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2008 Survey on Trends in Vocations

🕔22. Jun 2008

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VISION 2015 Year of Consecrated Life special issue

Vision Vocation Guide’s special issue for the Year of Consecrated Life includes survey of Catholics and newly composed song

🕔21. Feb 2015

94 percent of Catholics surveyed have positive view of religious sisters, brothers, priests 96 percent of responding men and women religious optimistic about future of consecrated life

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Trends in vocations

2007 Vision Vocation Match Trends in Catholic Vocations

🕔22. Jun 2008

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