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Find your Spirituality Type
By Roger O'Brien
Take a short quiz to find out your spirituality type.

Spiritual Path

There is “no greater mistake in spiritual matters than to force others to follow one’s own pattern,” warned St. Ignatius of Loyola. What draws you into a fuller and richer spiritual life may be very different from the pull felt by another faith-filled person on his or her spiritual journey toward a deeper relationship with God.

What is your spirituality type? Take the VISION Spirituality Quiz and consider your results an invitation to know yourself better and explore different forms of prayer, worship, meditation and ways of living.

1. There are four words in each row across. Choose the word that is most descriptive of you here and now (not what you would like to be some day), and select "4" in front of that word.
2. Pick the word that is least descriptive of you here and now, and select "1."
3. Select "3" next to the second most descriptive word and "2" next to the third most descriptive.
4. Repeat the above steps for each row.
5. When you are finished, click the "Check Responses" button to see your preferred spiritual pathway.
6. Click here to see all spirituality types.


independent compassionate spontaneous factual
logical creative adventurous thorough
straightforward empathetic adaptable systematic
visionary idealistic self-determined dependable
demanding committed observant organized
speculative curious enthusiastic realistic
original expressive playful loyal
challenging perceptive vivacious responsible
clever friendly excited traditional
questioning imaginative tolerant detailed
decisive personable fun loving devoted
tough verbal pragmatic conscientious
strategic concerned risk taker reliable
change agent supportive troubleshooter consistent


By Roger O'Brien. Reproduced online with permission from the author.
2007 © TrueQuest Communications


It is very interesting to me that I took this same quiz several years ago and didn't recognize that it was the same until I saw my spirituality type: the Path of Devotion.....the same one that it said I was before..so I guess that gives some reliability to this quiz! After I saw "my type" in the earlier version and reading the description, I had to say that everything in the description rang true. It seemed to be a fairly realistic picture of my spirituality and now I have to say that I still agree with that. I suppose people can change over time and add or subtract different spiritual practices in their life. This quiz seems to reconfirm this type no matter what the specifics and leads me to believe that the results an accurate statement that our TYPE of spiritual calling stays consistent. This is the way God calls us to Himself!
at  09:05 PM July 31, 2014
Posted by  Patricia T.  
Saint Francis of Assisi sounds right. Path of Service is correct for me.
at  02:50 AM January 28, 2014
Posted by  Kory Purks  
Very Accurate!! I finally have a name to the type of spirituality I follow, PATH OF DEVOTION (Augustinian prayer)! As St Augustine said, one is "restless until we rest in You" :)
at  07:42 PM June 27, 2013
Posted by  Elaine  
Amazingly accurate! St. Augustine means so much to me and is one of my favorite saints!
at  03:55 PM February 06, 2013
Posted by  Katherine Lingenfelder  
I guess I need to get out my rosary and start praying to St. Augustine! The description definitely seems to fit!
at  03:12 PM January 18, 2013
Posted by  Mary-Catherine  
It is amazing what accurate is the quiz. In effect I use to pray Saint Ignacio de Loyola Spiritual Excercises.
at  06:09 AM December 22, 2012
Posted by  ALBERT GALVAN  
The path of intellect, I think matches me quite well, although I find that devotion is a good way to ground myself. I do find that my intellect is often the gate to my heart, and that the microphone from my heart is my intellect. Still, I know that I am sensitive. However...I'm a woman. How do I find a place for a woman interested and bent this way?
at  05:45 AM September 15, 2012
Posted by  Miriam  
This was awesome. I am Devotional, yet according to all the placement questions I receive a big fat 0% & unwanted by any one. I suppose something will someday and I will be where I need to be:). thank you.
at  01:37 AM August 31, 2012
Posted by  Linda  
Hi, Rocio: Glad you found the quiz helpful. Here is some insight on what is meant by ascetism from an article on ascetism and mysticism by Rosemary R. Reigle: Within the Catholic tradition, those who undertake the process of spiritual transformation follow two principal traditions, asceticism and mysticism. Asceticism, as exampled in the life of St. Ignatius Loyola, is the renunciation of physical pleasures as a means of spiritual growth. Mystics, like St. Catherine of Siena, seek to maintain the mystical experience through the practice of asceticism. The paths are intertwined, and both contribute to the life of the Church.
at  03:05 AM June 29, 2012
Posted by  Patrice Tuohy  
Hmmm, Ignatian Ascetism, not sure exactly of the meaning of Ascetism, but The Suscipe is my favorite prayer.
at  01:55 AM June 29, 2012
Posted by  Rocio  
Provided an accurate identification even though I couldn't specifically articulate it. I am excited to explore and learn more.
at  07:50 AM April 02, 2012
Posted by  Darlene Mathis  
Michelle - Thanks for taking the quiz. We have a couple of items on the VISION site about discernment and scripture: http://www.vocationnetwork.org/articles/show/9 and http://www.vocationnetwork.org/blog/questions_catholics_ask/2008/12/what_does_the_bible_say_about_discipleship
at  04:18 PM February 21, 2012
Posted by  Joel Schorn  
Well my type 'Path Of Devotion' is fairly accurate, but I'd like to learn more of what it means to fully understand ME and what God's scriptures say.
at  10:34 PM February 20, 2012
Posted by  Michelle Doris  
It definitely describes me. Thanks!
at  03:37 PM January 31, 2012
Posted by  Sarah Palma  
I took the find your spirituallity quiz. I knew I was Franciscan, and showing that I'm Augustinian Spirituallity doesn't surprise me. If it said Dominican, that would really surprise me. I wondered if I was. Great Quiz. Their are some religious communities here in the U.S. that interest me. Thanks again.
at  05:45 AM January 26, 2012
Posted by  Mary Williams  
WOW....Ignatian huh,...I always did like the Jesuits
at  04:03 AM October 21, 2011
Posted by  Timothy Andries  
Spot on: my spirituality type is Ignatian.
at  10:36 PM July 25, 2011
Posted by  Susan  
I think that was a fairly accurate deduction. I might follow up on the suggested spirituality type and see where it leads me.
at  05:37 AM March 22, 2011
Posted by  Andrew  
Wow, that was an amazing quiz and scarily accurate. This was far more helpful than any of the quizzes on Facebook! Five Stars!!!
at  09:06 PM November 04, 2009
Posted by  Jessica R.  
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