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Christian Vocation: It All Begins With a Call

🕔20:30, 29. Jan 2015

Adapted from an article by Father Donald Senior, CP for VISION Vocation Guide. Read the complete article at: THE MOST BASIC MEANING OF VOCATION is a call. A call to holiness and the fullness of life itself. Who can forget in the opening chapters of Mark and Matthew's gospels those encounters by the Sea of Galilee? Fishers Simon, Andrew, James and John have no inkling of what is about to happen to them, and that it will change their lives forever. Jesus, calls to them, "Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men" (Mark 1:16-20). In these and many other biblical stories where Jesus calls disciples we find certain basic qualities: • The life of discipleship begins not with a choice but with a call. It comes unexpectedly and without warning. • The focal point is the person of Christ. Because Jesus is out in front of his community; the disciples must follow behind, often in confusion and fear. • The disciples are plunged into the work of Jesus: transforming Israel, establishing the kingdom, healing, and teaching. • Most of all, the disciples' lives will never be the same. They leave their boats and their families to follow this call and begin a new journey in life. Response to God's call is not instantaneous. It unfolds over time. Each one of us has received a call. Our biblical heritage gives us the means to understand that call and to respond in faith.

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