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RELIGIOUS LIFE TODAY Webinar 5: Addressing parental concerns: Wisdom and advice

🕔00:50, 27. Apr 2022

The fifth webinar in our Religious Life Today six-part series featuring young religious and the parents of young religious provide insights into the ways parents experience their child’s call to religious life. Panelists: Marist Brother Luis Ramos, F.M.S.; Felician Sister Grace Marie Del Priore, C.S.S.F.; Lori Williams mother of Mercy Sister Kelly Williams, R.S.M.; Kevin Cummings father of Paulist Father Evan Cummings, C.S.P. Webinar series schedule: 1 Fundamentals from call to charism to community living | Sept. 30, 2021 Primary audience: DISCERNERS. Video: 2 Using all avenues to support vocation ministry | Nov. 17, 2021 Primary audience: VOCATION DIRECTORS. Video: 3 Creating a collaborative environment | Jan. 13, 2022 Primary audience: Religious Institute LEADERSHIP and DIOCESAN VOCATION OFFICES. Video: 4 Wellsprings of support for vocations | March 3, 2022 Primary audience: CATHOLIC ORGANIZATIONS, PARISHES, CAMPUS MINISTERS. All are welcome. Part 5 Addressing parental concerns: Wisdom and advice | April 21,2022 Primary audience: PARENTS. All are welcome. Part 6 Call to Religious Life: New members stories | June 2, 2022 Primary audience: ALL SUPPORTERS OF MEN & WOMEN IN CONSECRATED LIFE. All are welcome. For more information, go to . Religious Life Today Storymap: . Religious Life Today Infographic: . Religious Life Today Brochure: . Additional information on the 2020 Study on Recent Religious Vocations: NRVC Store for resources. Learn more at

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