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Three keys to vocation discernment

🕔20:15, 29. Jan 2015

Adapted from an article by Sister Rosann Ocken, O.S.B. for VISION Vocation Guide. Read the complete article at: To discern your vocation means to sort through the movements of your heart and unfold the truth of who you most deeply are. There are three basic steps of discernment. Think of it as the BLT method: Believe, listen, and trust. The first step, you must believe that God loves you very much! God created you in all your uniqueness, beauty, and weaknesses. All your gifts are meant to be shared, and in the power of God, they bear great fruit. The second step, you must listen to the movements of God's Spirit, centered around prayer, service, and joy. Contrasting voices are part of the truth. Answers do not come all at once. The process is slow and ongoing. The third step, you must trust. Total surrender is required. As Mary said to the angel messenger, "Let it be done to me as you say." No matter which vocation you are called to, it always involves a leap of faith. Remember, God's timing is always right. Events cannot be forced when we speak of God's way in our hearts. Like the unfolding of a flower, it is not to be rushed; rather it is waited on, anticipated, relished. The journey is never promised to be easy but it is worth your very life. Read the complete article by Sr. Rosann Ocken, OSB at

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